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Emperor's Dumpling (8 Pieces)

Emperor's Dumpling (8 Pieces)


Each texture and each flavour deliberated to achieve the perfect, elegant balance on the royal taste buds, the Emperor's Dumpling showcases a harmonious mix of the premium braised pork, delectable dried scallops, flavourful lup cheong, enhanced by the fragrance of gingko nuts, chestnuts and premium grade shiitake mushrooms in every bite. The Canadian pork itself is laden with the aromas of 22 different spices -  the result of careful braising in a unique blend for days on end.

Amalgamating 35 of the world's finest ingredients, the Emperor's Dumpling is really the Manchu Han Imperial Feast equivalent of dumplings. It goes without saying that a delicacy like this takes time and finesse to put together.
Emperor's Dumpling SGD 86.40

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